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When a person is catastrophically injured or dies as the result of another’s wrongdoing, the victim or the families of deceased victims have the right to expect that the liable person or business will be held accountable. This concept is actually older than the Bible and is written into our state and federal laws, including our Constitution.  Legally, being accountable does not mean harming the wrongdoer the same way they harmed the victim (eye for an eye) or by throwing them in jail.  The reality is that often times the harm can never be repaired or taken away and so being accountable civilly means the wrongdoer must fully and completely pay for all of the damages caused by the wrongdoing, including medical bills, lost income, daily physical pain, emotional suffering, scarring, disfigurement, permanent injuries, and all other related expenses, or, in the event of a death, the value of the life lost.  The only way to do this is through a form of monetary payment equivalent to the harm done.  Injury victims need fair and true representation from professional Atlanta personal injury lawyers to determine how and why the incident or injuries happened, who is responsible, and the full extent of their damages.  


These same principles apply when a person, business or government has been harmed in a business deal gone wrong or when fraud has been committed. 


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