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Defective Products

Penn Law lawyers are expert at handling product liability cases with an unmatched record of excellence over the years. If any consumer product causes injuries and the product was defective when used or the there was a failure to warn about defects, the victim likely has a case against the makers, distributors, or sellers of the product. Our Atlanta, Athens, Macon and Southeast area injury lawyers have expertly handled the following types of product claims:



Product Liability - Penn Law LLC

The attorneys at Penn Law specialize in the following types of Defective Products cases:

Auto Defects. The manufacturers of cars and car parts should be held accountable when they fall out of park, tires explode or de-tread, seat belts don’t work, air bags fail to deploy, roofs crush in on occupants, seatbacks fail and fall backwards, door latches don’t work, engines shut off while driving, seats fail to latch, items crash through the car from the trunk, transmissions slip out of gear, brakes fail to perform, electrical components do not work, or other car defects cause death or injury.  We have handled them all.

Truck Defects . Truck wrecks are especially dangerous because of a truck’s weight, size, and dimensions. Cars and motorcycles are no match for trucks that have bad brakes, defective hydraulics and transmissions, bad tires, and other defects.

Medical Device Defects Makers of defibrillators, heart implants, pace makers, dialysis machines, hip implants, knee replacements, vaginal mesh, prosthetics, and other medical devices make a lot of money when they sell their products. When the products cause the user to need corrective surgeries, manage intense physical pain, or even death, the makers should be held accountable.

Defective Pharmaceutical Products . Drug makers, distributors, and sellers have a duty to make sure their products are safe for consumers.  Too often they fall far short of this basic goal.

Talcum Powder Products . Recent verdicts in Missouri validate the current studies showing a link between the use of talcum powder and ovarian cancer.  We are actively investigating product liability claims against talc manufacturers for the harm they cause women and their families.

Our Atlanta, Athens, Macon and Southeast area product liability attorneys handle any and all product liability cases including the above-described actions and even those involving electrical products and toys that cause harm or fatalities.


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