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Trucking and Auto Accidents

Vehicle collisions are a leading cause of fatalities and injuries in Georgia and across the country. Our Atlanta, Athens, Macon and Southeast area auto accident lawyers have years of experience handling cases involving:



Trucking - Auto Accident - Penn Law LLC

The attorneys at Penn Law specialize in the following types of Trucking and Auto accident cases:

Auto Wrecks Darren W. Penn started his career working as a defense lawyer for State Farm Insurance Companies which taught him the right way to put together an auto case and navigate through the potential maze of insurance questions.  Few lawyers have as much experience handling the unique issues involved in auto wreck cases.  We are intimately familiar with the regulations that keep large insurance companies in check and we know how to use them to force insurers to treat our clients fairly.  We have represented people injured by speeding, following too closely, reckless driving, distracted or drunk driving, pedestrians lawfully crossing the roadway, any other negligent roadway behavior. Our firm also handles claims involving autonomous vehicles and is well versed in the recent Georgia legislation proposed on this subject.

Truck Wrecks The vast majority of the most significant and catastrophic wrecks on our roadways involve tractor-trailer trucks.  And with recent laws passed in Georgia adding a “dry port” in North Georgia, this problem is likely to get worse. Truck drivers and trucking companies who encourage drivers to put profit and fast delivery ahead of safety should pay their victims for the injuries and deaths they cause. From drowsy or distracted drivers to poorly maintained vehicles and defective parts, our experienced Atlanta, Athens, Macon and Southeast are truck accident lawyers can handle complex claims.

Motorcycle Wrecks These crashes are often deadly or catastrophic because motorcycle riders are directly exposed due to the fact they are not riding in an “occupant compartment.”  Often, they have little or ineffective protection, such as cheap or defective helmets and poorly made body armor, and are thrown to the ground at high speeds.

Public Transportation and Mass Transit Wrecks Penn Law attorneys have extensive experience with cases against companies, governmental entities, owners, and drivers of buses, trains, boats, and airlines involved in incidents which often injure multiple occupants and are often caused by faulty supervision, poor training, failure to follow regulations, intoxication, and/or careless disregard for others. Drivers and owners should understand that if they cause death or injuries, they are responsible for all harm caused by failing to obey traffic laws, failing to properly prepare their vehicles, and reckless behavior.


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