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Premises Liability

If you or someone you know was injured on someone else’s property you may have a premises liability claim. These claims apply to both business and property owners who have a duty to keep their premises safe so that visitors are not injured. Failure to do this can create liability for the following claims: negligent security claims, unsafe conditions on premises, and liability for criminal acts of third parties. Examples of these include slip and falls, injuries from moving objects or hidden dangers, or attacks due to poor security or dangerous animals. These claims can arise at a house, apartment, retail store, restaurant, theater, parking lot or other residential or commercial establishments.


Premises Liability and Workplace Incidents - Penn Law LLC

The attorneys at Penn Law specialize in the following types of cases:

• Industrial site and construction site incidents – These sites have many visible and some hidden dangers making the possibility of injury high. Regulations and laws are in place to keep these sites as safe as possible and failure to do so could give rise to a claim.

• Negligent security – Whether in a residential or commercial property, the owner of the property has a duty to have proper security measures in place to protect the public. Failure to properly or adequately follow these measures could result in a claim against the owner of the property.

• Store falls and incidents – Retail stores have a responsibility to provide customers with a safe and hazard-free environment. Unfortunately, all too often, dangers go unnoticed and patrons are injured. If a store had notice of a problem which resulted in an injury, it could be liable.

• Injuries caused by property owners – All too often property owners fail to keep their properties in proper working order. This results in serious injuries which could have been prevented by regular upkeep and maintenance. The longer a property is left in disrepair the greater the potential damage and resulting injury. If a property owner shirks their responsibilities and if someone is injured the victim has a potential claim against the owner.


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